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Is Trevor Lawrence a lock to be the #1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?

With the 2020 NFL draft recently concluding, many NFL draft experts are already predicting which players will be chosen in next year's draft. Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is presumed to go first overall in 2021 because he has been outstanding for the Tigers. Is it too early to be predicting next year's draft? Or, should we just assume that Lawrence will be the first overall pick?

Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray, and Joe Burrow have been the past three number one overall picks. Mayfield was not viewed as a first-rounder before his final collegiate season. Murray was expected to play baseball for the Oakland Athletics after his stint as the Oklahoma Sooners quarterback. Before having the greatest statistical season in college football history, Burrow only started one season at the collegiate level and his play was subpar. Despite not previously being on the NFL's radar, Mayfield, Murray, and Burrow all ended up being #1 overall picks.

Will yet another quarterback rise onto the scene and become the first overall pick in 2021? Or will it be Trevor Lawrence, the player everybody expects to be at the very top of next year's draft? Some NFL scouts view Lawrence as a taller, more athletic version of Peyton Manning. However, the Clemson Tiger has yet to even finish as a finalist for the Heisman trophy.

Additionally, Lawrence has the privilege of playing with several future NFL players mostly against subpar teams in the ACC. Lawrence will likely be the first overall pick in 2021 and he will probably deserve it, but I'm not sure if he should be viewed as the next Peyton Manning.

We've seen a quarterback skyrocket up NFL draft boards and eventually become the first overall pick in the draft in each of the past three college football seasons. Could anyone make that same leap this year? A player to keep an eye on is Kyle Trask, the quarterback for the Florida Gators. Trask will be entering his second season as a starter like Burrow was entering his eventual Heisman campaign. Also, both Trask and Burrow have been coached by excellent offensive minds in Dan Mullen and Joe Brady respectively. I'm not saying Kyle Trask will break all of Burrow's records and have the greatest statistical season of all time, but he is a player to keep an eye on.

The 2021 NFL draft is a long way away but that won't stop people from speculating on who will be taken and where. Only time will tell who will end up going first overall in next year's draft.

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